Setting the Standard for FDI Project Management - A New Type of Certification

TBIC & Navigator Consulting "The FDI-Qualified Community Certification"

The TBIC Certification Program “The FDI-Qualified Community” is a unique certification program embedded in a holistic framework that gives communities the ability to verify their international ambitions and market themselves as “FDI-ready” communities. Its goal is to assess your region holistically and highlight specific community strengths in infrastructure, workforce preparedness, community leadership, cultural competence and intercultural communication that are essential to successfully attracting, securing and retaining international investments (FDI).

This certification is more than an outstanding marketing tool for your community: it will help you to better identify strengths and challenges of your community and to define your unique and successful FDI Strategy.

This program has been developed as a joint project of the TBIC and Navigator Consulting. Navigator Consulting is an international consulting firm with locations in the USA and Europe. Their expertise lies in international site selection and strategic consulting for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With years of expertise in working FDI related inbound investment projects from various industries, Navigator Consulting offers clear recommendations to communities seeking a more global footprint for their location marketing and business attraction efforts. Being an experienced partner of the TBIC, Navigator Consulting exclusively implements the TBIC Certification Program.

For more information, including a detailed overview of the certification process, please click here.

For any questions or inquiries related to the Certification, please get in contact with Matt (beier[at]

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